About Us


420 Discovery aims to be the ultimate marijuana resource connecting you with businesses, medical professionals and like-minded people.


420 Discovery is an innovative resource that offers a directory of relative options, comprehensive reviews, news, and a community to connect with others.


Finding Your 420 shouldn't be difficult, but with all of the changes going on in our country, we want a place to help you stay connected and in the loop with what's budding up in your community.


We rely on your feedback. Your personal experiences. If you find a business or entity listed on our websites that you've had a personal experience with, then please share it and allow others to hear your voice, your story.

Businesses, customers, medical professionals and proprietors can all come together under one roof on 420Discovery.com. Not only are we an informational hub of 420-related resources, but we allow businesses to find a bigger audience via our growing website.